Impact Examples (so far)

The measure of the value of anything is best reflected in terms of tangible results. Here are a few examples of the impact our efforts, along with those of our partnering clients, have had on the commerce and communities of the world (so far).

  • Over 50 million tonnes of CO2 saved (roughly the annual emissions of Portugal or the US state of New Mexico)
  • Developed over 500 projects in renewables, forestry, agriculture, industry, households and public institutions
  • Screened the climate footprint of over USD 50 billion of investments
  • Mobilised over USD 6 billion for clean energy investments in emerging markets
  • Enabled production of more than 35,000 GWh of renewable energy (surpassing the annual consumption of Denmark or the US state of Nevada)
  • Protected or restored over 250,000 km2 of land, about as much as the total land mass of the UK
  • Helped create nearly 20,000 jobs in developing countries
  • Saved over 55,000+ hectares of forest

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