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NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action) is an internationally recognised activity that refers to any policies and actions countries undertake as a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The reason for different sets of measures and policies is simple. The needs, challenges and opportunities faced in one part of the world are vastly different than in another part.

Our Own Unique NAMA Approach & Tool

We substantiate our claim as a leader in NAMA Strategy Design and Development not in words but with our own NAMA Sustainable Development Evaluation Tool. It is the single simplest tool to help define main sustainable development elements in a measurable, transparent, and user-friendly way. Our approach applies the proven universal standardised practices with superior flexibility. The result is a customised NAMA solution that aligns co-benefit indicators with national development goals as well as with the wide variety of NAMA design possibilities.

The challenge of assessing and promoting NAMA sustainable development benefits lies in aligning the two objectives of climate and development.

The tool is designed for NAMA developers, NAMA implementers and policy makers. It works to help satisfy both climate and development objectives and easily adapts to measure the sustainability of any development project.

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