Climate Finance Advisory


South Pole Group advises governments and development banks in designing, implementing, and evaluating policies, carbon markets, and financial instruments that mobilise private capital for climate change mitigation and the Sustainable Development Goals.

We offer advice for governments and development banks on the development, implementation and evaluation of

  • Public policies and measures with tangible development / climate results
  • Innovative public finance instruments that mobilise private capital for climate action and sustainability
  • New carbon markets, including those foreseen under the Paris climate agreement

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Climate policy and strategy: We create frameworks and policies to enable low carbon investments. This includes the development of Low Carbon Development Strategies, (i)NDCs, NAMAs and local carbon markets, as well as domestic emission trading schemes. Our decentralised organisational structure has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of diverse geographical circumstances – all of our solutions are carefully tailored to the local context.

Match-making opportunities for cities & investors: As a municipal decision-maker, you can ask us for the most innovative tools to assess low-carbon city projects, and turn to us to access and structure climate finance solutions to implement them. Our expertise is further complemented by our pioneering partnerships with EU's global Low Carbon City Lab, Climate Bonds Initiative, and ICLEI, among others.

Innovative market-based mechanisms for climate action: During the past decade, we have successfully assisted governments in creating programmes that help public entities and private companies to implement low carbon strategies, policies and programmes. This know-how extends to successful implementation of GHG emission reduction monitoring, reporting and verification systems and frameworks - in line with the best international standards - and to building capacity in the area of climate policy and carbon pricing policy. Through our work for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), we are supporting the low-carbon transition of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (SEMED) region through the launch of a new series of market-based programmes to reduce carbon emissions.

Climate Finance Advisory Solutions & Products


Rådgivning för den offentliga sektorn
Övervakning, Rapportering och Verifiering (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification)

Övervakning, Rapportering och Verifiering...

Low-Emission Development Strategies

Powerful climate mitigation action by designing effective policies
Design & Utveckling av NAMA-Strategi

Design & Utveckling av NAMA-Strategi

Climate Smart Cities

Climate Smart Cities

Identify and implement cost-effective solutions for urban challenges
Blended Public Private Financing Solutions

Blended Public Private Financing Solutions

Mixing public and private finance to implement global climate goals
Green investments

Green investments

Channeling finance to creditable cleantech projects around the globe

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