Renewable energy


Lead the transition towards a low-carbon economy and power your global operations with 100% renewable energy

Our solutions enable you to power your global operations with 100% renewable energy: Organisations working towards a 100% global renewable energy future can rely on our trusted advisory services and tailored high quality renewable energy solutions. Turn to renewables to green the electricity consumption of your headquarters, your operations around the globe, as well as that of your suppliers.

We provide:

  • Advice for investments into renewable energy assets
  • Power Purchase Agreements for a variety of geographies
  • Renewable Energy Certificates

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North American RECs: High quality RECs generated by premium power plants in the United States, Canada and Mexico

Guarantees of Origin (GO): European Renewable Energy Certificates

I-REC: The International REC Standard for countries where RECs or GOs are not yet available

TIGRs: Tradable Instruments for Global Renewables

GoldPower: The world's first global renewable energy solution supported by WWF

Prime Power: Premium RECs from carefully selected sources

Intercharge Green: 100% renewable electricity for e-mobility providers

Eco Gas solutions: Enhance your natural gas offering with certificates from premium South Pole Group emission reduction projects. We help you create a climate-neutral eco-gas offering, perfectly adapted to the needs of your customers.

Communications support & certification: Our dedicated team and our effective tools help you demonstrate your commitment. Engage with your audience through compelling storytelling.

Renewable energy Solutions & Products


A climate-friendly and future-oriented energy source thanks to emission...
GoldPower; The New Gold Standard in Renewable Energy Certificates

GoldPower; The New Gold Standard in Renewable...

Guarantees of Origin

Renewable energy certificates from Europe
intercharge green

intercharge green

100% renewable electricity for e-mobility providers

International RECs

Global renewable energy certificates
Prime Power

Prime Power

Green electricity from selected energy sources

REC i Nordamerika

Sustainability Marketing & Communications

Sustainability Marketing & Communications

Communications support and certification: tell your story in an engaging way

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