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Sustainability Advisory

Our advice and direction is based on real world experience and proven solutions. In matters of climate change, energy, sustainable cities, forest, water and land use call on us, a recognised global thought leader in the field.

Carbon Credit Solutions

South Pole Group Projects have developed more premium quality carbon credits than anyone else in the world. We ensure you get your ton of credit for every ton of CO2 saved.

Renewable Energy

Remove up to 100% of the CO2 from the electricity you consume anywhere and everywhere in the world. Renewable energy means renewed productivity and efficiency for you and a fresh, renewed world for all.

Green Finance Management & Advice

Our extensive experience in the field along with strong relationships with key green financing providers make us more than 'must call', but the 'first call' to make when seeking fund management and due diligence services and climate-smart investment advice.

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Key Products & Solutions

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